Who is Amadioha; the god of thunder?

amadioha god of thunder

Amadioha is the famed god (arusi) of thunder and lightning recognized mostly by the Igbos in the southeastern part of Nigeria. He is the god people recognize mostly as he is believed to be the man of the people.

Amadioha or as some people may call it Amadiora’s market day is the “Afo” which is the third market day of the Igbo four day week. Shrines belonging to Amadioha exist in various parts of Igboland to date. The main shrine where it lives is located at ogboro ama ukwu in ozuzu echie local government area of rivers state, Nigeria.

The people of ozuzu do not recognize Amadioha as their patron deity even though its shrine is located there. Amadioha lives in ozuzu and the place serves as its earth’s headquarter, it is from there he operates and spread to different places in Igboland.

Amadioha is often recognized as the god of justice, he shows himself through thunder and punishes an offender with lightning strikes. He sends down lightenings and thunderstorms as a way of communication. When someone swears an oath with the name of Amadioha and he is guilty, the deity usually strikes the person with thunder that leaves the corpse with a black mark on the forehead or the person is attacked by a swarm of bees.

People killed by the just Amadioha are not buried or mourned and their properties are taken by the chief priest of the community. To appease Amadioha is usually expensive, to lift a curse from someone usually requires a goat or ram for the transference of the curse, and such animals are released outside the community because it is taboo for it to be found within the community.

The priestly clan of the god is known as “Umuamadi” which means the children of Amadi as “Umu” translates to children in the Igbo language. Amadioha is also known as the god of peace, unity, and love, as the people call upon him to bring peace and unity in a community, he is also called upon to help people have a bountiful harvest.

Religious people also call on Amadioha to help them during trying times. Amadioha is also known to be the creator of things. It is believed he created humans by sending a lightning bolt to strike a silk cotton tree which divided and became a man and a woman.

Amadioha is also believed to be the god of wealth as people who are lacking call on him for provision and abundance.

Amadioha is often referred to as the husband of the god “Ani” and they are known as the first gods created by “chukwu”, people who believed they have seen Amadioha said he is a huge white ram and that is his symbol, it is believed that Ani is the lawmaker in Igbo land which is known as Igbo “Odinani” which translates to “Igbo “traditional belief system” and Amadioha is believed to enforce and protect the law.

Mud houses are often used to honor these two gods. Due to the coming of Christianity, Amadioha is not used by everyone as they tend to call “God” instead of Amadioha, some places though still call on this god and believe in his punishment and justice



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