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Egypt and China have signed an agreement to boost their commercial ties.

Rania al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, and Liao Liqiang, Chinese Ambassador to Egypt, signed a new Economic and Technical Cooperation agreement to foster and strengthen their strategic alliance.
This new deal would make many development financial grants available to Egypt’s priority industries, advancing Egypt’s Vision 2030 agenda.
This is part of Egypt and China’s continued expansion of joint economic relations, which includes development financing and technical cooperation to assist Egypt’s development plan, which is also following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
They discussed tackling current initiatives in Egypt in collaboration with China during the discussion.
Among them are the Satellite Assembly, Integration, and Test Centre (AITC) and the Egyptian satellite project “Misr Sat II”.
it includes a partnership to build a professional training center in the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal Authority, as well as continuous projects to help Egypt’s transport sector become one of the country’s most vital industries.
Egypt’sMinister al-Mashat expressed their willingness to help build sustainable infrastructure and smart transportation projects, such as the Electric Train project which connects the New Administrative Capital to Greater Cairo and Salam City.
This contributes to the president’s “Decent Life” project, which seeks to promote and enhance the welfare of more than half of Egypt’s people through infrastructural and human capital investment.
She went on to say that one of the national development plan’s priorities is to invest in human capital.
The minister also mentioned the successful human capital collaboration between the Ministry of International Cooperation and China, in which many training programs were arranged to improve the capacities of the government’s labor force.
he also stated her willingness to broaden the area of collaboration with China in light of Egypt’s Vision 2030 successes in a variety of fields, including railway localization, more local manufacturing, and climate finance.
Mashat went on to say that the ministry will work with appropriate Egyptian stakeholders to establish the joint agreement’s priority projects.
Liao Liqiang, Egypt’s ambassador to China, praised Egyptian-Chinese cooperation, proclaiming that Egypt was the first Arab and African country to establish diplomatic relations with China.
The current portfolio of cooperation with China totals $1.8 billion, with funds going toward a variety of development initiatives in areas like health, agriculture, education, technical education, electricity, and many more.
Over four years, 1,110 training sessions with China were conducted, benefiting over 4,000 government officials, as well as 25 high-priority training programs for 300 government cadres in the domains of health, agriculture, demographics, and water supplies.



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