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Emmanuel Tuloe returned $50000, Can you?

While driving a motorcycle cab in Liberia, Emmanuel Tuloe discovered $50,000 in a bag and returned the money to a woman who had lost it. He found out about the lost money after hearing about it on the radio.

The money belonged to a businesswoman who passed it to someone who dropped it by accident. Fortunately, Emmanuel picked it up, and because it was such a large sum, he left it with his aunty to hold until the owners came seeking for it.

On the same day, the teen overheard a businesswoman Musu Yancy on the radio, claiming she had misplaced money and pleading with the finder to return it.

He then got in touch with the radio station and refunded the money to the rightful owner. His integrity was greatly admired across the country.

Musu Yancy, the businesswoman, gave him 1500 dollars (about 1300 euros), as well as a mattress, which Emmanuel proudly said was for his grandma.

Since then, the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission has praised the adolescent for his actions. Tuloe claims that he receives a lot of appreciation for his decision, but that he is also mocked by others because the act is extremely unusual in a country like Liberia, where many people are impoverished as a result of the multiple civil unrests that have already ravaged there.

“Some feel I made a bad decision,” Tuloe admitted. “They assume I will die impoverished as a result of my actions.”

Emmanuel Tuloe

The adolescent even claimed to have received threats. On October 18, he met with Liberian President George Weah, who pledged to confer one of Liberia’s Highest Orders of Distinction upon Emmanuel Tuloe.

President Weah also gave Emmanuel a scholarship to attend any Liberian school of his choice, up to the level of a Master’s Degree, during their meeting. He stated that the scholarship is personal to him and his family and that it will be valid regardless of whether or not he steps down as the President of Liberia.

He will be acknowledged and awarded with one of Liberia’s highest Orders of Distinction for his honesty at the next national investiture event, according to the president.

The president presented him with a check for ten thousand dollars (US$10,000.00) and two (2) brand-new motorcycles to help him improve his situation and maintain his financial stability.



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